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A Girlfriend’s Guide to Becoming a World-Class Woman

By LaQuisha Williams

You Can Absolutely Have It ALL!

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You set goals. You work hard. You sacrifice. And yes, you are making an impact here and there…

But still, you recognize that your dream life has taken a backseat to your real “average” life! And that’s just not good enough for you anymore.

So if you’re ready to gain the insider tips on how you can stop settling, uplevel your life and join the ranks of the exclusive top 1%, claim your complimentary “Girlfriend’s Guide to Becoming a World-Class Woman” here.


Inside, you’ll learn…

· How to set yourself apart and become the authority in your industry, your career and in life!

· The key to becoming influential and magnetic to those you are called to serve!

· The specific set of friends “the fab five” you need in your life to help you WIN!

· The top 4 things you must do to open doors to your highest level of success!

· The key to becoming world class in everything you do!


WARNING: Request your e-book ONLY if you’re ready to shift!


Here’s your opportunity to get rid of all the excuses to settle. Learn how you can have it all without compromise.

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LaQuisha Williams, Author, Speaker, Esteem Expert, Lifestyle Designer, Mentor and Founder of Girl Connection and The Purpose Circle inspires the progressive woman to live a richer and fulfilling life without compromising her beliefs and morals. LaQuisha provides mentoring, coaching and support to women who are experiencing life transitions and personal development transformations. She has been featured in Fearless Magazine, has two Bachelor’s degrees, a certification in stenography and etiquette and as the daughter of a Bishop and school teacher, LaQuisha is committed to a life of serving.

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